Event: The 19th Annual FINRA Listens... and Speaks (NY)

Event: The 19th Annual FINRA Listens... and Speaks (NY)
Date: 2018-02-05
Details: Feb. 5: "The 19th Annual FINRA Listens....and Speaks," sponsored by the New York Lawyers' Association, will be held in New York, NY at the NYCLA Home of Law. Although the program has no fixed agenda, Ms. Katherine M. Bayer of FINRA will discuss recent initiatives, including: expedited Arbitrator list selection, expanded definition of non-public Arbitrator, expanded expungement guidance, the new online oath of Arbitrator and Arbitrator disclosure checklist and FINRA's new travel service. Matters under construction: new options for customers/claimants if a firm or associated person becomes inactive, the efficacy of continuing to allow the sue of non-attorney representatives in arbitration. Update: the mandatory use of the portal. As usual, Ms. Bayer will field questions from the audience. This program will also be moderated by Martin L. Feinberg from the Committees on ADR and Securities & Exchanges. For further information and to register for this event, please visit www.nycla.org

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