SAC Calendar

Date Event Details
2017-04-05 Securities Litigation 2017: From Investigation to Trial (NY) View Details
2017-04-06 Securities Arbitration and Mediation 2017 (NY) View Details
2017-04-13 Understanding Employment Law 2017 (NY) View Details
2017-04-19 Global Capital Markets & the U.S. Securities Laws 2017 (NY) View Details
2017-04-20 Basics of Mutual Funds and Other Registered Investment Companies 2017 (NY) View Details
2017-04-26 Equity Market Structure Conference (NY) View Details
2017-04-26 Financial Services Conflicts of Interest & Fiduciary Duties 2017: Navigating the Emerging Regulatory Maze (NY) View Details
2017-05-01 Corporate Compliance and Ethics Institute 2017 (IL) View Details
2017-05-04 22nd Annual Consumer Financial Services Institute (IL) View Details
2017-05-04 Commercial Litigation Academy 2017 (NY) View Details
2017-05-05 Financial Services Technology 2017: Avoidance of Risk (NY) View Details
2017-05-09 The Volcker Rule 2017: What it Means for Financial Institutions and Markets (NY) View Details
2017-05-12 Securities Arbitration and Mediation Hot Topics 2017 (NY) View Details
2017-06-01 Corporate Compliance and Ethics Institute 2017 (NY) View Details
2017-06-07 Advanced Commercial Mediation Training (NY) View Details
2017-06-15 10th Annual Arbitration Training Institute (IL) View Details
2017-06-20 Employment Discrimination Law & Litigation 2017 (NY) View Details
2017-06-21 Class Action Litigation 2017 (NY) View Details

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