Employment Issues in Securities Arbitration in the Wake of Epic Systems
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This video-podcast hosted by the Securities Arbitration Commentator focuses on employment disputes between brokers and their employing brokerage firms. We will be primarily discussing two 2018 developments that could have major impacts on how employment disputes are resolved.

We'll discuss first, the U.S. Supreme Court's May 21st decision in Epic Systems v. Lewis, and as time allows, developments in the resolution of raiding disputes, especially the repudiation by several large brokerage houses with a long-standing broker protocol on recruiting.

In this fast-paced podcasts, experts and practitioners in the securities dispute resolution field will discuss the current state of securities industry employment arbitration, including what the Epic Systems decision may mean for the financial services sector.

SAC Securities Arbitration Podcast - Number 6
Title: Employment Issues in Securities Arbitration in the Wake of Epic Systems

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