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Searching For Experts?
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How do you find your experts today? The Securities Experts Roundtable (SER) has an online search aid that attorneys will like. It costs nothing, is open to all comers, and puts you in touch with the best testifying experts in the business.

New and often esoteric products, private placements for unproven ventures and technical complexities are commonplace in securities arbitration today. The lack of a Non-Public Arbitrator in most FINRA (customer-related) cases only makes the need for education more likely. Thus, justifications for retaining an expert familiar with industry processes, documents, and practices have never been more numerous.

Need is Greater

It may surprise some to hear that the average customer-initiated claim in securities arbitration in 2014, according to SAC’s Award Database, requested no less than $1.2 million in compensatory damages and the average “win” exceeded $400,000. Thus, the dollar-size of most claims alone seems to justify retaining an expert to assist, both in the pre-hearing and discovery preparation and in the hearing phase.

How to Search SER

Searching SER’s Website -- -- is easy. Just click the “Find An Expert” tab at the navigation bar on the HomePage banner and you will be directed to a new page with these options:

  • Click to see a list of all SER members;
  • Utilize a search box where you insert a known expert’s name or enter key words describing a category, i.e., a discipline, product or sales practice that relates to your case.

Note: When you search by key words, only SER members who have proffered their expertise in that category will appear in the results display.

SER has almost 100 members. Click “Member List” under the “About Us” tab to scan the list. While the search directory lists all members, each expert must authorize disclosure of all or only select information for display. The service is free and it will narrow considerably the time lawyers must now spend searching less focused websites or brokered websites for expert services.

An Alternative Approach

Lastly, if you know an SER member, there is another way to conduct a quick search nationwide for the expert that will help your case. The SER Website offers members a “broadcast” e-mail capability that facilitates communications with the full membership on matters of general interest or to forward a third-party inquiry. This is an “open mic” kind of device, but it can be very useful when the need for assistance is immediate. It also affords inquiring attorneys anonymity, where the inquiring expert agrees to collect and pass along the responses.

(ed: Attorneys must do their own due diligence with regard to the quality and competence of the experts. This organization was founded by the best testifying experts in the business and the organization’s focus lies with securities/commodities arbitration and litigation. However, SER does not certify its members in any way.)

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